Affirmative's IaaS Edge

Affirmative’s (Infrastructure as a Service) IaaS is powered by the market leader in virtualization, VMWare’s ESXi hypervisor. Affirmative IaaS allows the end user to have enterprise features, reliability and scalability while keeping CAPEX at a minimum. Affirmative uses best-of-class hardware from Juniper, Cisco and HP to make up the base layer of the IaaS infrastructure. Users can install any supported OS and software necessary to run core business applications with the assurance of a 99.999% uptime, all while having no physical hardware to manage.

Affirmative’s IaaS offering is secured in a dedicated cage at a Tier4 SAS-70 Type 2 co-location data center facility. Carrier-class reliability is achieved using N+1 architecture on every component for the highest level of uptime and business continuity. This allows customers to focus on running their mission critical business applications without worrying about downtime due to hardware failure.


  • Entire infrastructure based on VMware ESXi / vCenter 5.1 – the leader in virtualization.

  • Supports all popular 32 and 64 bit operating systems. Microsoft, Debian/Ubuntu, RedHat/Fedora/CentOS, FreeBSD and more can coexist in your cloud.

  • VMware vCloud Director allows customers to manage their entire virtual infrastructure using a simple web based application. Affirmative customers can create new VMs, gain console level access and install new virtual server resources with a few clicks of a mouse.

  • Ability to create private virtual networks. Easily create networks within vCloud Director to isolate development and production environments for easy testing without interference to your production environment.

  • Never worry about running out of capacity; resources can be added on the fly. Virtually unlimited capacity for your entire virtual infrastructure!

  • Mix public and private clouds in one offering with one central point of management. Private clouds can be created for internal business apps while integrating public clouds for customer facing web servers and CRM/ERP applications.

  • VMware HA (high availability) is available in the unlikely failure of your physical server hardware. VMware automatically migrates your VM to another physical server in the cluster and returns power in a matter of seconds. This allows for minimal downtime in the event of a total hardware failure.

  • Unlike other IaaS providers, Affirmative offers flexibility in choosing the exact combination of memory, CPU, disk usage, and other features without grouping you into a predefined set of resources. Affirmative IaaS resources are reserved and dedicated to you; not shared between customers.

  • Resource allocation – Customers can choose to allocate resources however they wish. When creating a new VM you have the choice of dedicating resources or sharing resources from the overall pool. This is ideal for production and development environments, allowing a smaller oversubscribed set of resources and ensuring your production environment will never suffer performance penalties.

  • Never worry about hardware or infrastructure again. You just manage the virtual infrastructure and your software applications so you can spend more time running your business instead of worrying about downtime.

  • Customers can also add an array of software features such as Sophos UTM 9 firewall, TrendMicro Deep Security Anti-Virus/Anti-Malware suite, Microsoft server licensing and Veeam for custom backup solutions.

  • Affirmative offers backup space on a pay per GB basis. Customers may connect via NFS, iSCSI, SCP or FTP and use this bulk storage space to perform any necessary backups. This offers a low cost storage option while ensuring multiple copies of data are on hand in the event of accidental data deletion.