cloudlock Affirmative knows that in order to be a recognized leader in this market, we have to partner with the recognized leaders in data protection, internet security, and anti-virus/anti-malware solutions specifically engineered for virtual environments. These partnerships provide the solutions and support allowing potential customers to feel safe and secure as they consider the move into Affirmative’s cloud infrastructure. This consideration starts and ends with the customers’ data. The following section describe how Veaam, Sophos, and Trend Micro complement Affirmative’s YEScloud managed cloud solutions to complete the safety and security segment of YEScloud!

Is my data safe?

Affirmative realizes that moving your business into a cloud based infrastructure is a BIG decision. Ensuring the security and integrity of your data is of utmost importance to us and a matter we take very seriously here at Affirmative. Legacy backup tools and software designed for the physical world don’t extend well into the virtual world nor can they take full advantage of its benefits. Therefore, Affirmative has partnered with Veeam®, a world renowned company who specializes in backup and replication software built specifically for virtualized environments. Veeam® grants Affirmative the necessary solutions needed to successfully manage your data providing confidence your data is safe and secure.

Virtualization-Powered Data Protection

Veeam Backup & Replication™ does more than just support the virtual environment, it leverages the environment providing a whole new level of protection for virtualized applications, services and data. In fact, Affirmative virtualizes servers and mission-critical applications specifically to take advantage of the protection Veeam provides, including:

  • Fast, efficient backup: 20x faster with 75% less overhead; includes built-in deduplication and changed block tracking.
  • Data Retention: Affirmative employs a 4 hour incremental backup and weekly full backup ensuring lost or deleted data can be recovered for up to one week.
  • Fast, flexible recovery: From a single image-level backup, Affirmative can instantly recover an entire VM, specific VM files, individual guest files/folders-and even application items (emails, database records, etc.).

Veeam® data protection is included in all YEScloud managed cloud services (DaaS) and is available as a value added option on Affirmative virtual infrastructure (IaaS).

Securing Cloud

Is my cloud secure?

What good is a cloud that is not secure? Affirmative incorporated security and reliability as the fundamental building blocks of our cloud network infrastructure. With decades of experience, we understand the risks of Internet threats, so we partnered with Sophos, the leader in internet security. Utilizing Sophos’s award-winning Unified Threat Management (UTM), Affirmative offers the latest firewall features as the first layer against viruses and malware to prevent external threats from entering your private cloud. As an add-on Sophos UTM Web Protection module is available for content filtering to decrease distractions and increase workplace productivity and security.

The following Sophos UTM modules are also offered as add-ons to Affirmative (IaaS) customers and with UTM’s modular approach, these additional layers of protection are available as your needs evolve.

UTM Network Protection stops sophisticated attacks that a firewall alone can’t stop.
UTM Email Protection stops spam and viruses.
UTM Web Protection lets you protect your employees from web threats and control their time online.
UTM Webserver Protection hardens web servers and apps ensuring compliance with a web application firewall.

What about anti-virus/anti-malware?

Today’s virus threats are not only a nuisance but can corrupt data and impede system performance, as you may have discovered with a traditional PC. With Affirmative (DaaS) managed cloud desktop solutions, you never have to worry about this again. Affirmative has partnered with Trend Micro, the recognized leader in virtualization security. As an Affirmative (DaaS) customer, you automatically reap the benefits of Trend Micro Deep Security. This powerful software provides Affirmative a lighter, more manageable way to secure our cloud infrastructure so you can feel confident in your Affirmative cloud experience. Trend Micro Deep Security is designed specifically for virtual servers providing effective anti-virus/anti-malware security without sacrificing performance.

Trend Micro Deep security is also available as an add on to all Affirmative (IaaS) products.