Introducing YEScloud, Affirmative’s Desktop as a Service (DaaS) and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) cloud solutions.

Over the past 15 years, Affirmative has provided quality thin client hardware used in the client/host and private cloud implementations of our customers.

Today, Affirmative offers these services in addition to thin client hardware, affording customers the benefits of cloud computing minus the need for technical know-how and associated costs. Affirmative spared no expense engineering and architecting our own cloud solutions from the ground up. Paired with our YEStation family of thin client products, we now provide a total virtual desktop solution for your business.


Affirmative DaaS


Affirmative has partnered with Citrix and VMware, the undisputed leaders in virtual computing technology, to bring you the most versatile cloud solutions in the industry. Affirmative tested several hypervisors and it didn’t take us long to recognize the benefits VMware had over the competition. Using VMware, Affirmative has the flexibility of scaling, managing, and monitoring this feature-rich platform.


Affirmative uses Citrix for desktop delivery. Citrix offers a feature-rich multimedia experience using Citrix HDX technology which delivers video and applications as if they were processed locally. This is a seamless experience between thin client, desktop, laptop, tablet and your mobile device. When using Citrix on a mobile or tablet device, your desktop is automatically resized for a more pleasing experience. Moving from one device to another is easy–simply log onto your next device and pick up right where you left off.

Security, Backups, and Productivity


Your data is securely stored and firewalled on our servers. You choose data access privileges of your users. Whether it be your entire company or a specific set of users, granular permissions are dictated by you.

Each customer sits behind a dedicated Sophos firewall and Trend Micro Deep Security Anti-Virus/Anti-Malware solution, ensuring no viruses, malware or harmful content enters your environment. Each web page request and file is scanned for viruses/malware and is validated against phishing and other online scams. Content filtering via Sophos UTM Web Protection can be added to block category-based web traffic, ensuring employees stay on task.


Never worry about data loss again! Critical business data is backed up every 4 hours and kept consecutively for 7 days using Veaam Backup and Replication Enterprise software. With Veaam, data restoration is made simple. With a quick phone call to our helpdesk, we will have your data restored in no time. More frequent backups and longer storage retention periods are available upon request for an additional fee.

Three sets of customer data are kept at all times, your live working copy, a copy in the same data center for fast restores and a third offsite in case of natural disaster in our east coast data center. Affirmative encrypts all data backups on both the disk and in transport so you can remain confident your data is always secure.


Microsoft Office 2013 productivity suite is a popular add-on to keep business continuity on track and is available in Standard or Professional versions. Enjoy the latest version of Microsoft Office without the upfront expense, preinstalled on your Affirmative cloud desktop. Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint, and Lync are also available as add-ons for your complete Microsoft collaborative experience.