What are Affirmative Technology Citrix Ready Thin Clients and why do I need one?

An Affirmative Technology Citrix ready thin client is a very lightweight computer manufactured by Affirmative Technology.  Our Thin Client’s purpose is for remote access to a server using the Citrix ready Thin Client as a gateway.  Thin Clients are most typically used for cloud or desktop virtualization environments. Thin Clients depend heavily on a Server to fulfill its computational roles. Our Citrix ready Thin Clients have no moving parts which dramatically increases its life span.   A few key points to our product and why our Citrix ready Thin Clients are a better choice than the rest.

  • 3 year Warranty is Included
  • No Moving Parts
  • Increased Security and Endpoint Protection
  • Read Only OS (Operating system)
  • Very low energy demand
  • Low heat output
  • Setup Time is reduced dramatically
  • Licensing is done away with
  • Hardware requirements are lower.

Our distinct Warranty offering sets us aside from other manufacturers. Affirmative Technology group uses only high end hardware to ensure a long lasting life on all our products.  This enables us to be able to make such an offer that our competitors simply will not do.   

No Moving parts means less wear and tear on internal parts, it is also why we can offer such a great Warranty on our devices.  This also increases the reliability and increases the life span of our Thin Clients. No moving parts also decreases heat and power consumption.

Our Proprietary Read Only OS makes life complex for the normal everyday attacker, most system attacks require a file to be dropped on to your system to be executed on the fly or at a later date.  With our Read only OS this eliminates a huge percentage of those attacks right on the spot.  Our Read only OS on our Citrix Ready Thin Clients is also a huge advantage for the Everyday Administrator, there are no patches no manage, no more issues with drive space filling up, prevents performance hits due to fragmentation or file system changes. 

Our test Team has worked on our OS for over 5 years improving and making sure the end user has the best experience. With a Read only OS this means you do not have to worry about managing a License for Windows, Anti-Virus, or any other software, all this software is hosted on your Cloud Server.

Setup time has been dramatically reduced, our Citrix ready thin Clients are already pre-configured out of the box, this means all you have to do is connect Keyboard, Mouse and monitors and you are ready to start working.